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New Handmade
Jewelry Collection

Unique handmade jewellery by jewellery designer that has been inspired by nature, ancient symbols,  and inspiring literature.


In Our Store, You Will Be Able To Find All Types Of Jewellery To Impress Your Other Half.

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I’ll Show You How! Let’s Create Something Together.

Silvermagic Jewellery is a piece of the Moon that you want to take with you every day. True, you will not have to climb into the sky – we have made sure that this magical beauty descends from a distant universe right here, to Earth, and does what it does best – to delight and adorn your enchanting femininity.


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Forged using traditional silversmithing techniques, hammers
blowtorches, with words and symbols created with stamps.

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“Silvermagic jewellery Made Me A Custom Necklace That Exceeded My Expectations. She Got It Done Quickly And Beautifully And At A Reasonable Price.”


Get Inspired

These are unique handmade jewellery created for women and men
who appreciate the authenticity of handmade and the warmth of a work of art.

Handcrafted & Ethically Sourced
A Collection Of Exotic Diamonds
Make Your Life Shiny Like A Jewel

men’s Sterling
Silver Jewellery

Used in jewellery for over 4000 years, silver is a staple of any look. Browse the stunning selection of Sterling Silver pieces.


Chain – 20%

Shop one of silver jewellery collections online including handcrafted jewellery.


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