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12 Best Fashion Trends to ACTUALLY WEAR in 2022!

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Hello, everyone Today, I’m back with another wearable fashion trend, a video. We have 12 fashion trends a little more geared towards spring and summer, but honestly, these can be applied to the rest of 2022. Also, it is in collaboration with Nordstrom. Like always, I love Nordstrom. I love teaming up with them, and I can always find exactly what I’m looking for.

I specifically picked these trends that I think would be great to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. So, let’s get started; everything will be linked below in the description box. At first, we have what I like to call slit pants. I have no idea if that’s really what they’re called, but I see a lot of slits at the bottom of pants and jeans, and I love this trend.

If you can find some good pairs, because some are really bad, I have a few options that I think are awesome. First up is this faux leather, like a skinny pant option, like a beige cream color. It goes with so many different things, And, as you can see down here, it is slit at the bottom towards the front.

And so it just kind of shows off shoes. Well, it’s just like a nice accent to the pair of pants. They fit really well, I’ll. Have all of my sizing details listed below in the description box as well, And then also, if you’re into flares, flared pants are absolutely coming back. Some people love them. Some people hate them, but these are other pairs that have a good slit in them.

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And they’re also faux leather. They’re more like a classic khaki color, but I think they’re a great option. Too. We’re getting some pants styles out of the way first because the next fashion trend is wide-leg pants. But I am specifically picking flowy, beachy, summery, and very comfortable ones. So I found these, and I love them to pieces.

They’Re very, very high wasted you can pair them. I think I paired them with actually this shirt, which you’ll see later on. But they’re very high wasted. They really snatch your waist, but I think they’re great for beach vacations. You know, wearing them to work, wearing them out and about to run errands. You can even wear them around the house. They are so soft and flowy, and they’re not too long either.

So you can really wear them with any shoes, And then we have these wide-leg options. They actually have a pleading detail on them, And they also incorporate that slit at the bottom that I mentioned in the first trend. So they are very up to date and, again, very comfortable.

You can dress them up, dress them down, and wear them in so many ways. They’re really comfortable, and I don’t know. I don’t know which color I like more. So speaking of those black wide-leg slit pants, I decided to style the next trend with those pants, And this is the only trend in the entire video that I don’t think is that wearable for everyone. I think some people will love this. Some people will hate it.

But it is a mesh top with a bralet. So this is definitely a very, very trendy item, And I didn’t know if I liked it, I decided to order this, give it a try, and I really like it. So I can link the bracelet that I ordered. I think it’s great on its own

You can obviously wear it under clothes. I think it’s great to work out in, But I paired it with this kind of like see-through mesh top that shows off the midriff a little bit. I love the color, and it is styled with those black pants. Now, the next trend, I genuinely feel everyone should consider getting this.

It is that good, it’s a white oversized blouse, but this particular one is the best I have found. I’ve had it for months, and it’s still in stock at Nordstrom, so I wanted to put it in this video, and you’re going to see me style it in various ways. So I did pair it with those wide-leg black pants, and I just wore it open like a jacket. And then I also styled it with the skinny faux leather slit pants from the beginning of the video, And that’s like a nice balance.

You know, it’s kind of more baggy on top, more skinny on the bottom, And then I also love wearing this as kind of a beach coverup or a swimsuit coverup. But, again, this is meant to be oversized, So I did get a smaller size. I will link my sizing down below, as I said, but wear it open, wear it to the pool.

And then you can even like wear it into the night as an actual shirt. This is just such a versatile piece, and I love it Now. Speaking of swimsuits and sunshine, the sunshine is coming outright. It’S probably too bright in here. But the next fashion trend that most people don’t even have but should consider if you like, bikinis it’s a waste chain. This is the waste chain that I found. It is so cute. I love it. It’S such a good price point.

And I think it’s such a nice accent around your waist. While you’re lounging by the pool or the beach, I don’t know. I said many people don’t have this, and it’s adjustable so that it will fit you perfectly In that outfit. You probably saw me wearing these clear wedges, the next wearable fashion trend for 2022. Now wedges have always been kind of in and out of style, But I think this particular design is especially in for 2022 because of the clear straps, And they’re very, very comfortable. They don’t dig into you.

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But I’m telling you, the beauty of these wedges is just the elongation of your legs. I’m telling you, your legs will look a mile long. You can wear them with so many outfits because they go with everything, And again it’s really just about making your legs look damn good, So those clear wedges were a little bit more on the dressy side.

So I wanted to share a spring-summer shoe option that’s very on-trend but also very casual and comfortable. So we have Birkenstock slides, very on-trend, And let me tell you: these are just the most comfortable, way more than I was expecting. I mean, they’re Birkenstock, so they have an outstanding reputation. But. These, in particular, are like the rubber kind, so they’re just easy.

Like you can get them completely soaked, they’re fine! You can wipe them all off. You can walk in the sand in them. You can run errands. You can wear them around your house. Like they’re just so easy and very, very comfortable. Okay. These are the last shoes before we move on to another category. But. Another very wearable fashion trend you should consider are woven sandals.

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And I picked out two versions – and I can’t recommend these enough – These, I actually they’re by Dolce Vita. I already have them actually in a bright pink color from last year. They’re still very on-trend. They’re like best selling, so they released more colors, and I love those so much. I ended up getting them in more of an ivory bone. Color

And then these I like, I think I might like them even more. They must be my new go-to slides for the spring and summer months. Last year wore those Sam Edelman ones, which I still love, but these are just a little bit more updated. And again, they’re like this gushy woven material that’s very popular right now. Again, these are by Marc Fisher, and they are true to size.

The wearable fashion trend involves sunglasses, but we’re specifically talking about rectangular sunglasses, And I don’t really have any that are that shape. So I went to Nordstrom and narrowed it down to a few of my favorites. I couldn’t decide between them, so I ordered them all because they’re all under, like 15 bucks. So first up, we have this more like a classic one because it is just a tortoiseshell pattern.

But it still has that subtle rectangular shape to it, And it would look great with what I’m wearing today. The other two are more trendy because they’re more pronounced with a rectangular shape. But I love the colors, And again the price points are awesome.

This is more like a beige, neutral color, and this is really nice, like light rosy, pink. So we’re finally getting to what I’m actually wearing in this video, But the next fashion trend I love is high-neck T-shirts. So this one is, again, it’s just easy, and it’s just a little bit different than what you might already have in your closet for T-shirts. Therefore a while,e the v-necks were so in, and now we’re just seeing higher necklines. So this is kind of like a mock neck, and it comes in many colors.

I feel like wearing white can just be styled in so many ways. Black would even be good, But I love wearing it just tucked in a little bit in the front. It’S so casual, but again you can dress it up, And I did add a necklace before I started filming. This also is from Nordstrom, and people love it. It’S a bestseller too.

I love them or hate them because many people hate them, but knee-ripped jeans are very in style for 2022. And. That’S distressing I’m talking about, specifically around the knee area, And I totally get if you hate ripped-up jeans. Why would you spend money on destroyed jeans, And I totally get it? I don’t know either, but for some reason, I like this particular style, and I wear them all the time, so the best ones that I have found are by AGOLDE. I fell in love with their denim shorts, and I wear them season after season after season.

And so I gave these jeans a try, and I love them just as much Next. We have casual overalls, and I’m normally not a huge fan of overalls, but it’s like a more up-to-date version of them. And. Again I like how casual they are. You can get these in various colours.

And I really like pairing it with that black bracelet that I showed towards the beginning of the video. You could also wear this overtop swimsuit and make it great for a pool or a beach vacation type of look. But. These are just comfy, easy, And honestly, sometimes I don’t like them overall just because of the bathroom situation, but you can slip these off, and it’s really not that bad. So those are 12 of some of the best wear fashion trends to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

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